Activities and Programs 
The organization is active in three tracks :

- Education & Information

- Assistance & Support

- Monitoring & Recommendations

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Assistance and Support

Netivei Reshet offers assistance and support on educational and technical matters and in vulnerable situations such as Internet addiction, exposure to harmful Web content, harassment, online harassment or identity theft...
Call Our Hotline: 02-590-6602

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Lectures and Workshops

Netivei Reshet offers a range of lectures and workshops tailored for school students, educators, parents and organizations.

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Smartphones and Tablets

The smartphone is a revolutionary, all-in-one device including a computer, monitor, camera, DVD and telephone, with the added feature of mobility such as a GPS antenna. A smartphone can connect to the Internet via a WiFi or local wireless connection. Most smartphones come with built-in applications to access contemporary media such as music, videos, and Facebook.

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