Lectures and Workshops

Netivei Reshet's lectures and workshops last approximately an hour and a quarter.  Accompanied by a multimedia presentation, the lectures illustrate a variety of Internet/multimedia hazards and their consequences, display current data about Internet use, display educational techniques to create a safer virtual environment, and offer technical solutions for safer browsing.  The uniqueness of Netivei Reshet's lectures and workshops is their particular focus on the virtual world of children and youth of online games, movies and music.

Lectures and Workshops modules available:

  • Introductory Lecture for General Audiences
  • Presentation for Parents and/or Educators

Includes ideas for further activities with students in a classroom setting or on an individual basis.

  • Workshops for Elementary School Students (5th-6th Grades)

A sensitive, experiential workshop suitable for children of this age which raises awareness about the effects of the Internet/multimedia on life, some of the dangers, and the importance of setting limits for Internet/multimedia use.

  • Workshops for Middle and High School Students (7th – 12th grades)

An exploration of the information revolution of the Internet and the implications of browsing; a conversation about developing self-control and making appropriate choices; a dialogue raising questions about the cultural world in which teens live, including topics such as chat rooms, addiction, and the crossover between the virtual and real worlds; a sensitive and modest discussion about violence and sex on the Web; a presentation offering teens the inspiration and the tools to help themselves and their friends from the real dangers of the Internet.